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Are you ready to say YES, to the newest version of you?! 

My accountability team and I are excited to welcome you to our challenge group hosted by team I AM Ascension.

In our group we use fitness for many reasons. Mostly for a healthy physical life, healthy mental life, and a healthy spiritual life. 

By saying YES, you will get the option to pick 1 of 5 packages that best suit your needs. All of the packages include a years membership for a on demand online gym, mindset support, portion control container kits, and nutritional support. Of course access to our private challenge groups and continuous support from your team members. Lastly each package offers a few different supplements and or nutritional support options. 


I'm excited to start this journey of Ascension with you by my side. 

Total Solution Package


Now that you have all the info and options of your picking, which Total Solution Package are you going to get?


Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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